Long before my garage door repair days, I remember sitting in our living room on a Friday night, watching TV with my wife and two dogs. All of a sudden, "Bam" a sudden eruption of sound came from the back of the house.

The sound was so explosive I thought it was likely someone running into the car in the driveway - or worse - the house. I rushed my wife into the master bedroom closet along with the dogs, as I was very unsure of what to expect. I then called 911 to inform them of the explosion. I then grabbed my weapon of choice, a massive torque wrench that remains under my bed for the unexpected intruder.


Brave Dog

My brave dog, a 25lb Shetland Sheep dog, and I proceeded to the garage to see what may be going on. I told my dog "Audrey" to go ahead of me. She must understand perfect English because as soon as I opened the door she ran out to scope the situation. As you may suspect, we saw nothing and were very confused.

We went back in the house and I called my wise father, a call I should have made before 911. He asked me if I had checked the garage door spring. Obviously I had not; so I did, and guess what I found?

This experience is where the Spring Kings concept started. Through my experience attempting to find a qualified repairman, who was not attempting to steal everything in my wallet, the Spring Kings concept was born. No Hassle quality service without the salesman. Fix what needs to be fixed and nothing else.

I can only hope that your first and last garage door spring explosion will end with a call to Spring Kings. I assure you that the experience will be much more pleasurable if you do.

Kent Greenwell, Spring Kings