Sadly I have found that many consumers find themselves haggling with professional negotiators when they thought they were calling out a repairman. They had no idea what was coming.

I sat down with an experienced garage door "repair man" who gave me some insider information. I was shocked to hear that he in fact was a highly trained outside sales man posing as a garage door repairman. The garage door "repair" company he had worked for paid - not for his sales training, for he was quite experienced there - but for his garage door repair training. From there, they paid a commission for the work he completed. His goals were all about the up-sale. He told me that he would go to a house and turn a spring repair, into a double spring repair, with cables, drums, bearings, rollers, and a torsion shaft. What should have only cost the customer $139 from Spring Kings, now cost over $400.

I was also informed of the shady marketing strategies performed by overhead door companies. If you have ever opened a yellow pages looking for information on a garage door repair company, you may have seen multiple full-page advertisements of different companies offering repair services. What you may not have known is that even though the company names are different and the phone numbers are different, you may, in fact, be calling the same company. With Spring Kings you will not get a salesman. Instead you will get a qualified repairman. He will be sent out to service what needs to be serviced and nothing else. That is my promise

Kent Greenwell, Spring Kings